Sermon “Being and Making Disciples Introduction” 08/10/2019

Sermon “Discipleship begins with Submission to Christ” 08/18/2019

Sermon “Disciples Strive for Purity of Life” 08/25/2019

Sermon “Disciples Study” 09/01/2019

Sermon “Disciples Serve” 09/15/2019                          Video of Skit

Sermon “For Disciples, Evangelism is a Way of Life” 9/29/2019

Sermon “Disciples Pray” 10/08/19

Sermon “Moving Mulberry Trees” 10/16/19

Sermon “Confidence” 10/13/19

Sermon “Justification Reformation” 10/27/19

Sermon “In the Meantime–Living in These Last Days” 11/17/19

Sermon “Hope Guaranteed” 12/10/19

Sermon “Joy Changes Everything” 12/15/19

Sermon “Dwell Within My Heart Today” 12/22/19

Sermon “O Holy Night” 12/24/19

Sermon “All the World with His Free Grace Supplying” 12/25/19

Sermon “Keep Safe for His Saving Work” 12/29/19

Sermon “What Makes a King?” 1/5/2020

Sermon “Baptized in Christ” 1/12/2020

Sermon “What You Seek is Here” 1/19/2020