Youth News (grades 5-12)

There is going to be a Youth Picnic at Pastor Pape’s on August 19, 2018 from 4-7 pm.  Pastor and Monica are eager to spend more time  getting to know them.  We will have lots of fun with food, horse shoes, volleyball, bocce ball & bags.  We would LOVE it if they would bring a friend that might be interested in being a part of Youth Group.

We are currently seeking a Youth Director.  If you are interested, please stop by  our church office or call the office at 928-526-9578.

Watch for information about Youth activities on our calendar and Facebook page.

Youth Bible Study – Sundays at 9:45 am (classes are available for youth of all ages).

Each Sunday during February a “Mission” will be posted on the Youth white board. If you choose to accept the mission, you will have fun exploring the words of God from the Bible


Youth Group  is made up of teens in 5th – 12th grades.  The Youth Group has a lot of fun while sharing their love of Jesus.  Youth Group events include hikes, sports days, movie nights, lock-ins, weekend retreats, laser tag outings, trips to Diamondback games and the zoo, ice skating, ice cream nights, Christian concerts, and yes, homework night!  In addition to having a good time, there is time for fellowship and sharing the faith through community service.  Our Youth Group regularly attends local and national Christian Youth Gatherings. 

Youth Room

Come check out our new Youth Room and Sunday School Rooms!

Youth Group Service Projects
 Our youth regularly help out at the Flagstaff Family Food Kitchen.  They also recently put together 16 backpacks with school supplies for Lutheran World Relief.

More Information on Youth Programs check out the Peace Youth Group Facebook Page